Exciting times in Peru

We are thrilled to let everyone know about the exciting opportunity we have for establishing our first Tres Dias community in the city of Chincha, in southern Peru.

There is an interdenominational group of church leaders in the Chincha area that has asked for our help in blessing the people in their churches so they may in turn bless many others in the Chincha area. They have a group they call their “Pastor’s Fraternity.” In order for us to help them, a group will come to the Spanish Speaking Tres Dias con Dios in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to experience the ministry and prepare to help lead the training in Peru. A group of qualified individuals will subsequently take the Tres Dias experience back to the people in the Chincha area.

The personal leadership development training will be conducted at the Apison Retreat Center, 11206 Old East Brainerd Road, Apison, Tennessee, 37302, near Chattanooga, TN. The Training will be conducted in Spanish with other Spanish and American leaders. Upon completion of the training these individuals will return to Peru and be qualified to assist in leading a three day training for men and three days for women. This training is being conducted to develop servant leadership skills for those who lead by serving. This training is already being held in many nations around the world, as well as in Lima and Chiclayo.   Several from these cities will also help lead various sessions.

While in America, those invited will be staying at the retreat center and with other leaders.   My wife, Joy, and I are the coordinators for this effort that is to include all the Spanish speaking nations. For additional information, we can be reached by phone at 615-714-5134, and by email at .