About Tres Dias Con Dios

Tres Dias Con Dios Information

Tres Dias Con Dios will focus on providing the blessings found in the Tres Dias experience to Spanish speaking people across the United States and in Spanish nations. Southeast Tennessee Tres Dias con Dios has been established as a Spanish speaking community. The TDcD community will be able to train people from across the country and around the world, as well as the local area.   The doors are opened wide for all Tres Dias communities to participate.  The Chattanooga, TN location allows individuals and existing communities to send Spanish speaking team members and candidates in an effort to build new communities throughout the United States and in every Spanish nation.

How Your Community can benefit—
–Your Pescadores can come and serve to gain experience in a cross cultural weekend
–Your Pescadores can sponsor Hispanic leaders from local churches and/or their church’s mission outreach in Spanish nations, so they can experience Tres Dias in their native language
–Your Pescadores can gain the experience and confidence they need to bring this ministry to your city or help take it to any of the Spanish speaking nations

How the World benefits–
–Your people can be blessed and inspired to take Tres Dias to the many Spanish nations that do not have Tres Dias, or may need more than one community—Mexico could have one per state
–Local churches may already have an outreach to Hispanic people locally and in Spanish Nations
–You enable local Hispanic people to help take Tres Dias back to their nation, family and friends

How the United States of America benefits—
–The Hispanic people are already the largest minority in America
–They have strong family values, a desire for a spiritual foundation, and they are hard workers
–We need them to be strong contributors to building/maintaining the Christian values that have made America the God Honoring Nation we need to continue to be

How you can help—
–Send us your Hispanic Pescadores who know or teach Spanish
–Send us those candidates /servant leaders who might want to help start a Spanish Speaking Tres Dias in your area or take it to a Latin American country
–Help us expand Tres Dias with new Hispanic Communities across the US and the world!
–Any donations at this time will also be of great help and can be sent to the Tres Dias Fund. Fund information is available at the www.tresdias.com web page. All donations should be designated Tres Dias Con Dios.